Working Online From Home

I have resumed in person face to face counselling. I also offer therapy via video conferencing and telephone. For some, the combination of both online & in person support works well. I am able to offer out of hours appointments for those who require evening slots and have immediate availability.

Seeking Support for Anxiety & Self-help

JUST ASK If you are feeling overwhelmed by your feelings and things are getting on top of you it is important to ask for support. This could be from family, friends and colleagues or talking to an independent professional. Counselling can help with this process and also to help one understand what anxiety is and […]

Returning To Work

I wish you well as you return to work. Should you recognise that you need more assistance with coping strategies and further support please contact me. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak means life has changed for us all. If you are in the process of returning to work, I am sure that you will have very […]